The US and UK has Direct Access to NADRA Database – Wikileaks

The US and UK stole facts of Pakistani citizens as that they had direct get right of entry to to NADRA database, according to Wikileaks.

The US and MI6 (British Intelligence) stole voter records with the aid of putting in place a the front agency referred to as International Identity Service inside the UK. The corporation became employed in a consultant function for NADRA.

It is yet uncertain if the access turned into full and the way deep they may penetrate into NADRA device.

It deserves citing here that NSA used to infect structures through front groups and then had tools to gain get right of entry to to deeper networks the world over.

A Wikileaks tweet said:

Nadraaa 300x115 - The US and UK has Direct Access to NADRA Database - Wikileaks

Even more bizarre, the leaked cable from US Embassy to Islamabad shows that the then PM Yusuf Raza Gillani and Interior Minister Rehman Malik without a doubt went to the embassy and provided to share NADRA’s database, which includes all styles of statistics of Pakistani residents.

In a call among Julian Assange and Imran Khan, Assange referenced cable code [09ISLAMABAD1642] and stated:

We found a cable in 2009 from the Islamabad Embassy. Prime Minister Gilani and Interior Minister Malik went into the embassy and presented to share NADRA – and NADRA is the national records and registration agency database.

The system is currently connected via passport statistics however the authorities of Pakistan is adding voice and facial recognition functionality and has established a pilot biometric machine because the Chennai border crossing, where 30,000 to 35,000 people move every day. This NADRA system, that is the vote casting record system for all citizens in Pakistan, and a front business enterprise was installation inside the United Kingdom – International Identity Services, which become employed as the experts for NADRA to squirrel out the NADRA records for all of Pakistan.

It seems to me that that is a robbery of some country wide treasure of Pakistan, the complete Pakistani database registry of its humans.

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