P4Pakao | The Pakistan Most Popular & Funny Youtuber | Nadir Ali

P4Pakao | The Pakistan Most Popular & Funny Youtuber | Nadir Ali: The pakistan most amazing youtubers Nadir ali who creates amazing unique content on his youtube channel.

He is basically from Karachi,Pakistan. And many years before he was working with Zara Hut Key. And after that he started his own channel named ” P4Pakoa “.

Nadir Ali and the rest of the p4pako members are famous because of their unique funniest content. And the best part is that they prank with anyone at any time.

Networth of Nadir Ali | P4Pakoa

The networth of Nadir ali is maximum around 4 to 5 lac Rupees per month from  his youtube channel P4pakao.


Nadir Ali The man behind P 4 Pakao: Wiki & Bio

The Facebook Live Video system and the YouTube channel creation offers have opened the door to the masses through the Internet.

Those who believe that they can do something special or who are experts in any skill can show their talent in the online world of those platforms where, in addition to showing talent, they can also win a large amount.

Comedy is called to be one of the most difficult professions. Forcing others to laugh at your jokes is not an easy task.

Many people have created their channels through social media platforms and are making their fans laugh more and more. Among these many names, a famous name is Nadir Ali.


Nadi Ali is the former member of the famous series of Pakistani jokes Zara Hut Kay. He is now executing his own joke show as P 4 Pakao.

Your joke show is doing well through the Internet. Speaking to the media about this new show of jokes, said Nadir Ali, the purpose of this show is to entertain the spectators only. The P 4 Pakao team only wants to entertain viewers never before.

So far, Nadir Ali has recorded many joke shows in which most of the shows have been recorded in Karachi and very few in Lahore as well.

Nadir Ali is an artist based in Karachi who had previously worked with Zara Hut Kay.


Few of P4Pakoa Youtube Videos.



| ABNORMAL BARBER PRANK | By Nadir Ali & Team In | P4 Pakao | 2017


Donkey Meat Prank |Gadha Ka Goosht Bechna | By Nadir Ali In P4PAKAO



| LAHORE PRANK | By Nadir Ali & Rizwan In | P4 Pakao | 2017

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