Venom Movie Cast Crew and Story

Venom Movie Cast Crew and Story: Hello everyone, today I am going to share some interesting facts about the cast, crew and history of Venom film.

Venom Movie Cast Crew and Story

Venom Movie Cast Crew and Story

History of the Venom Movie

A man who develops superpowers after becoming an alien host is Venom.


Star of the Venom Movie

Star of the Venom Movie

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is an actor and producer. His film debut in the movie is called Black Hawk Down.

Tom’s films like Star Trek Nemesis, Rockn Rolla, Bronson, Warrior, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Lawless, Locke, The Drop, The Revenant, Mad Max Fury Road, Legend, The Dark Knight Rises, like Bane and Dunkirk.


Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is an actress. His first debut film is called Lassie. Michelle’s films as Species.

Murdering Mr. Griffin, Creek, Halloween H20 20 years later, Dick, but I’m a cheerleader, the United States of Leland, Imaginary heroes, Blue Valentine, Shutter Island, My week with Marilyn, Cabaret, The Prince and the showgirl and Manchester by the sea.


Crew of the Venom Movie

Crew of the Venom Movie

Ruben Fleischer (The director of the film)

Ruben Fleischer is a director, producer, television producer, music video director and commercial director.

He is well known since the director of the film is known as Zombie Land.

Ruben’s feature films such as 30 Minutes or Less and Gangster Squad.

He is also director of television commercials and music videos such as Cisco, Eurostar, ESPN and Burger King.


Avi Ara (The producer of the film)

Avi Arad is a businessman. He became the CEO of the company called Toy Biz. He became the creative director of Marvel Entertainment, a director of Marvel, and the president, CEO and founder of Marvel Studios.


Scott Rosenberg (The script of the movie)

Scott Rosenberg is an actor, screenwriter and producer. His screen writings in major movies such as Con Air, High Fidelity and Gone in 60 Seconds.

Scott’s movies like Highway, Kangaroo Jack, Kangaroo Jack, October Road, Pain Gain, Jumanji Welcome to the jungle and Venom.


Columbia Pictures (Film Producer Company)

Columbia Pictures is a US film studio, film producer and distributor that is a member of the Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group.

It is a division of Sony Pictures of Sony Entertainment.


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