Nathan Chen is a positive issue, but guys’s US Olympic discern skating group uncertain

Nathan Chen is a positive issue, but guys’s US Olympic discern skating group uncertain

After a night of errors at the slippery ice, the committee turned into left to kind out one large mess on the way to pick the three guys who will constitute america in Pyeongchang next month.

The 2018 U.S. Olympic figure skating trials have end up a two-act play. There’s the competition, then the committee meeting. Only after both are complete is the very last story of the event advised.

For the women, the committee without a doubt observed what came about within the competition, selecting the pinnacle three finishers. It turned into easy.

But the guys. The men! After a night of errors on the slippery ice, the committee changed into left to kind out one huge mess so as to pick out the 3 guys who will constitute the USA in Pyeongchang subsequent month.

The choice become being made Saturday night time at a closed-door meeting after the men’s long software and changed into to be announced Sunday at eight:15 a.M. PT.


21 Nathan Chen FS 2018 US Champs


One member of the team is a truth: 18-year-antique quad king Nathan Chen, who finished first with 315.23 points.

He landed 5 quadruple jumps within the long program at the countrywide championships for the second one consecutive time to win lower back-to-again titles and is now roaring head-first into the Olympics with the risk to win a medal, possibly even gold.


After that, matters were given complicated. A absolutely sudden contender landed in second vicinity: 26-year-vintage Ross Miner, a veteran with a resume full of modest fulfillment, which include competing at the 2011 and 2013 world championships, where he did not crack the top 10.

But Miner had the night time of his profession, becoming the only guy within the discipline to skate each a easy short and lengthy program, landing one quad and accumulating 274.Fifty one points.

“I had one of the maximum fun nights I’ve ever had at the ice,” he said. “It changed into so a laugh to place it accessible at the massive game display.”

Vincent Zhou, the 17-yr-old who attempted five quads however received terrible grades of execution on 4 of them, consisting of one fall, located himself in 1/3 location, just slightly, with 273.Eighty three points.


I know what you are questioning right about now. What came about to Adam Rippon and Jason Brown? That’s a remarkable query. What took place to them, certainly?


Rippon, the supremely confident 28-yr-antique veteran trying for his first Olympic group, fell on his first bounce, a quad lutz, recovered through the center of his application, then weirdly popped consecutive deliberate triples into single jumps for a score of 268.34, excellent for fourth region. He left the ice shaking his head. No one noticed this coming.

“What I did nowadays I take complete duty,” he said. “I felt in reality appropriate this whole week.

I think during the last few years I’ve had one terrible skate — no longer even in opposition. On the primary quad lutz, I simply type of felt like I became losing my proper foot a bit bit.

I just allow that feeling get the excellent of me in the direction of the give up. I simply type of felt like it became long gone.”


Then Rippon had amusing. “I genuinely broke my foot a 12 months in the past today. And I skated a bit bit love it become nonetheless damaged.”


Coming in 6th with 253.68 points become Brown, 23, a 2014 Olympic crew bronze medalist who had a good more dreadful night than Rippon.

He fell on his quad toe to start this system, then below-rotated two triples, then made a couple more mistakes before everything become over.


“I am disillusioned,” Brown said. “It’s that simple. I came in knowing that I am capable of so much more. The warm-up felt fantastic, and I am virtually disillusioned in the skate that I put out.”

So who is going to the Olympics? Chen for sure, and Zhou looks strong. That’s the destiny of U.S. Guys’s skating, but additionally its present.

But then? Will the committee go 1-2-3 because it did for the ladies’s event and placed Miner at the group? Knowing the whole lot became on the road Saturday night time, Miner outshone Rippon.


Or will it update Miner with Rippon, who has had a miles better Grand Prix season? For instance, each competed at Skate America over Thanksgiving weekend.

Miner finished 6th, whilst Rippon become 2d. Meanwhile, it was all however a certainty that Brown changed into out, his hopes for a 2nd Olympic experience dashed.


The committee should weigh the numerous criteria any range of approaches. Miner-Rippon? Rippon-Minor? Any way you checked out it, an evening of underwhelming skating changed into going to have a completely odd ending.

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